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20 Pages of Ragman in Sog #18 this time.

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McFarlane Hires Artist Robert Kirkman

WHAT!? I thought i am taking over spawn!  Doesn't Robert have his TV show????

Just kidding, here is some coverage and some nice covers from Ashley Wood and David Finch :



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Spawn Hits The #200 Mark Double-Sized

Spawn, already the best-selling independent comic of all time, celebrates the release of its 200th issue in January! What was once slated as a 27-page story has now ballooned into a staggering 53 pages of artwork. With double the story, the 200th issue benchmark is simply too large to contain. The book may be bigger, but the price remains the same -- only $3.99, making it the best value in recent comic book history.

SPAWN will celebrate its 200th issue in high fashion, with the return of series creator Todd McFarlane to the interior artwork. McFarlane has called up an all-star team of award-winning comics luminaries to help him make SPAWN #200 the best issue yet: Greg Capullo (HAUNT, THE CREECH), David Finch (CYBERFORCE, Batman), Jim Lee (All Star Batman and Robin, Batman: Hush), Rob Liefeld (YOUNGBLOOD, Deadpool), Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, CYBERFORCE), Danny Miki (SPAWN, Avengers) and Ashley Wood (HELLSPAWN, Zombies vs. Robots) all contribute to this landmark issue!

Robert Kirkman -- creator of THE WALKING DEAD, the comic book on which the Golden Globe nominated TV series is based -- provides an origin story for Omega Spawn. But he doesn't just write the story -- he draws it, too!

Finally, new series artist Szymon Kudranski, who takes over art duties with issue 201, provides a stunning epilogue, giving fans a taste of what's to come in 2011!

"In 1992, Image Comics was formed, and a handful of new titles came out of the chute," says McFarlane. "Spawn was one of those titles. At that time, none of us thought any of the titles we were releasing would hit 200 issues. Yet here we stand, eighteen years later, with the 200th issue of Spawn."

McFarlane continues, "I'm glad to be joined on this book by some of the great creators in our industry -- Jim Lee, Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Michael Golden, David Finch, Ashley Wood, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia. We look forward to giving you what I believe will be the best value comic you'll buy this year. Spawn #200 has now grown to over twice the size of the original, but the price remains the same."

"This marks only the second time an independent comic has reached the 200-issue mark," says Image Publisher Eric Stephenson. "Few ongoing series from any publisher have the longevity and permanence SPAWN has. Todd has made it into the record books once again, but more importantly, he has created a series that has an enduring place in the hearts and minds of fans all around the world. This milestone issue is a perfect example of why the series so richly deserves its accolades, and after seeing what the creative team has planned, I guarantee you, the best is yet to come."

In SPAWN #200, the most ruthless villain in the Spawn universe returns. Can Jim Downing survive a face-to-face confrontation? Downing will battle his most fearsome opponent yet and get answers from an astonishing source, as two fan-favorite characters make a glorious return in this double-sized issue.

SPAWN #200, a 56-page full-color comic book, celebrating 18 years of the hit independent series with an all-star lineup of comics creators, will be in stores January 5, 2011, for the obscenely low price of $3.99!

Further, 2011 will be a big year for SPAWN: New series artist Szymon Kudranski is already several issues ahead. Issues 201-205 will be coming out bi-weekly, to build on the momentum of the landmark 200th issue.

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Some panels from SPAWN

You can find answer in SPAWNING GROUND #199 for how many issues are done. Todd mentions #206, well....

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                                                       and here with John Kalisz color

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DC got preview of BATMAN 80 Page Giant HERE

I will post here alot of art this week!!!!!

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found some old photos progression

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Pimpin' :

I also catching up with Ultimate X-men. Issue #41 this is one of this stories that you don't need to know what happend in past issues, you can read it as "one shot". One of my fav stories in Ultimate X-men, if you got a chance go grab it, if you don't want to hate Wolverine don't read it ... 

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Ragman issss outttttttttttttt

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panels from SPAWN #200
thanks to everyone for feedbacks on enjoying Gordon one shot!! if I did't get back to you, it's only because you will see more of my art in DC decembers titles than it shows on solicitations!!!!

pic:  Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire are fucking amazing, go watch this shows!!!!!if episodes 5/6 of boardwalk wont hook you up to the series - go watch dancing with the stars. period.

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Gordon is out with  Adam script and John Kalisz colors - John did a great job , I need to credit him on that!!!

some bw

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Plug - in and - out

I just learned that RAGMAN with Fabian  starts with issue #17 of Batman SoG (in a month),  Also In few days Gordon one-shot with Adam hit the stands. 

SPAWN #200 where I got my 2 cents (" but at the bar I take more shots than a 50 cent!")  hit in November.

October - Batman Road Home: Gordon one-shot

November- Spawn #200 
                - Batman Sog #17- Ragman (hey! It's finished!!!!!! Fabian had seizures when he saw it and read it!!!....-- oh, no? are you sure?EDIT : After all it's because of Rag!)
December - Spawn #... yes
                   Batman Sog #18
                   Batman 80 pg giant 2010

Last month I got copies of a cover I did for a buddy of mine, Jim Valentino :

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Spawn #210 cover and unused #209 cover

Also i catching up on Invincible, if you never read it - you should -  here's why (Robert, I don't spoil anything right?) Page by Kirkman/Ottley :

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Spawn #210 cover teaser

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Two new projects from DC in December :

Written by PAUL DINI
Co-feature written by FABIAN NICIEZA
Co-feature art by SZMON KUDRANSKI
In part 3 of the 5-part sequel to “Heart of Hush,” Tommy Elliot’s masquerade as Bruce Wayne backfires when he’s shot and taken prisoner by vengeful gangster Judson Pierce. With Pierce determined to exterminate the last survivor of the Wayne family, it looks like the wounded Hush will finally pay the ultimate price for his deception.
Meanwhile, in the RAGMAN second feature, things in the Robbinsville section of Gotham City heat up as yet another mysterious suicide is discovered – and Ragman prepares for Firefly’s return!
On sale DECEMBER 22 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
 For all RAGMAN fans, here is own test-sketch :

Also in December

Some of the most promising new talent in comics are corrupted by the most depraved villains in Gotham City in this all-new special featuring The Joker, the Riddler, Calendar Man, Scarecrow, and yes, even Humpty Dumpty! It’s seven short stories, all in one giant issue! The joke’s on you if you think you’ll make it out of this alive!
ONE-SHOT • On sale DECEMBER 1 • 80 pg, FC, $5.99 US

With Writer Peter Miriani we did short with your fav Batman foe.

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from Spawn Board , colors by Fco Plascencia (I think  guys did also color on Haunt and Invincible)

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Karlene Phillips not Oprah

Why Karlene Phillips not Oprah? 

At first we wanted do regular talk-show host and  go with it, but in the back of my mind I  had Hellspawn #3 (bendis/ash)  where Karlene Phillips interview racist author. I thought it might be nice tie in to Spawn universe and old school fans would pick on that.  Better than Oprah?