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This January, I draw 8 page story written by Tony Daniel for Detective Comics #5.


Some BW  :

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January 2012

Image :

in France from Delcourt nice  Hardcover (?) collected first issues.

And DC Comics : Penguin #4


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Pimpin: For new SPAWN and PENGUIN fans - don't forget to check my book from Image called "REPULSE" it's out since July!

SPAWN #212 ART 7

                                               " In the days of Kings and Queens I was a jester"

SPAWN #212 ART 6

After Todd and Gregg

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Penguin in Details 5

SPAWN #212 ART 5

Penguin in Details 4

SPAWN #212 ART 4


Im back from NYCC, Thanks to everyone for showing up, I had some great time. It's nice to know from time to time that people enjoy your stuff.

Big Thank You to one and only : Todd Mcfarlane and whole TMP!

I guess being Todd's sidekick, you have some nice privileges, we went to Geektime on Howard 101, where I meet Jim Lee and Joe Quesada and whole Geektime Crew, actually I had tour of my fav show " The Howard Stern Show" and yes, I was in the studio where magic happens.  Thanks to everyone from Geektime and Howard Stern Show, I had a blast.

See you next year!

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SPAWN #212 ART 3

Also from this week SPAWN #212 !

Penguin in Details 3