Thursday, July 21, 2011


"REPULSE" made into BEST SHOT'S at NEWSARAMA : here

Also was "Pick of the week" at few places, and many many great e-mails,
tweets and comments which I appreciate.

Thanks everyone for picking it up and for intrest!

And Big Thanks for Jeff Mariotte for Script Assistance and Scott O. Brown for great lettering!

And from my Letter Column :

Michael Via Twitter

I finally got to read Repulse today. Wow I'm floored. I want to read 100 more times. It's FLAWLESS. Follow up anytime soon?

The second one was written right after first "REPULSE"  and it's on my desk since 2009, It definitive come out someday!

Andrea via E-mail

Hi,i'd like to know whan can i see the movie or the tv serie of REPULSE. tanks

Oh, it's on FOX network prime time every wednesday and soon to be Motion Picture. 

Just Kidding
No Comment. 

So that's all for now, see you at next REPULSE.
Let me leave you with one last question :

"So, Can a Robot remember his past a human?"